Choose the Right BPO Partner for Your Business

How to Choose the Right BPO Partner for Your Business

Growing businesses face challenges linked to expansion and upscaling, especially staffing. If you’re one of these growing businesses faced with such challenges, outsourcing some of those new essential roles with a BPO partner company is the way to go.

In a previous blog post, we explained that outsourcing is a cost-effective way to achieve greater efficiencies and improve customer experience across your business operations.

But how do you choose the right BPO partner that’s fit for you?

Here’s the list of everything that you need to look for when choosing the perfect BPO partner for your business. Whether you’re an experienced outsourcer or it’s your first-time outsourcing, this guide is for you.

Top Qualities of an Excellent BPO Partner Company

1. Experience

As an employer, you would choose a candidate with more work experience, right?

Tenure is proof of experience, knowledge, and development. Taking a look at a BPO company’s tenurial in the industry helps you choose whether to partner with them or not.

Asking questions such as “How long have you been providing outsourcing services?” and “How did you service companies similar to mine?” helps you figure out whether a BPO company is new or experienced.

You can trust a BPO company to be a reliable partner when they’ve been in the industry for years now. A well-experienced outsourcing company has the capacity to meet your needs based on your standards.

2. Talents Acquired

Talent acquisition is crucial in any BPO company. Knowing the talent composition of an outsourcing company makes it easy for you to choose the best BPO partner for your business.

These are the factors you need to look into in terms of a BPO company’s talent composition:

1. The people providing the service and support
2. Training competence and quality assurance
3. Experience and commitment of supervisors and the operations team
4. The recruitment and training process
5. Handling attrition and/or retention of talents

Remember, you will delegate some of your business’s important tasks. So, it is vital to know and understand how sophisticated, experienced, and committed a BPO company is in running and managing your outsourced business processes and operations.

3. Language Neutrality

When it comes to the English language, some countries are accent-challenged. Therefore, location and language neutrality play a crucial role in choosing the right BPO partner for your business.

The Philippines has a distinct advantage when it comes to language and accent neutrality. It is the 18th most English-proficient country in the world and 2nd in Asia. In fact, English is the country’s second language.

There are over 851 BPO companies in the Philippines as of June 2018, and this number has been continuously growing to this day.

Filipino BPO companies such as Synergist Corporate Solutions hire and train talents in language and accent neutrality with the goal to improve their skills in English speaking and communication. Such skills are needed in specific outsourced roles, especially customer service/support.

4. Culture

A lot of people don’t realize how important cultural affinity is when choosing a BPO partner.

Can agents understand certain cultures including figures of speech, euphemisms, and terminologies of your market? Are they able to build rapport and empathize with the customers they serve?

Aside from their admirable work ethic, Filipinos working in BPO companies in the Philippines are very well-advantaged in empathizing with customers of different cultural backgrounds.

This is due to various influences from its former Western colonizers, Spain, and the USA. Strong western influence in the Philippines allowed Filipino BPO agents to be familiar with the cultural nuances of its Asian neighbors as well as those of the American, European, and Australian markets.

5. Tech and Equipment

Partnering with a BPO company offshore can be a risk if they don’t have the technology and equipment to effectively run your outsourced operations.

An excellent BPO company must be equipped with systems that are up-to-date and promotes efficient communication and operations offshore.

When you partner with an outsourcing company that’s technologically equipped for efficient offshore work, you can guarantee faster turnarounds and increased productivity for your business.

6. Value vs. Pricing

When a BPO company has a diverse portfolio of services to offer, you have the advantage. It is important to distinguish different offerings of BPO companies and choose which one offers more value for your buck.

For example, one company offers staffing for customer support, yet its competitor offers that and back-office support as well as social media management without extra charges. You can save more when you choose bundled services.

Moreover, experience, social proof, technology and equipment, and the level of professionalism, commitment, and sophistication add up to a BPO company’s value. These factors go way beyond pricing and it is crucial for you to consider these factors when choosing the right BPO company for you.

The Next Step

Partnering with a qualified BPO company that is driven by these top qualities gives you and your business an advantage.

From years of experience and professionally-trained talents to cutting-edge technology, language neutrality, and cultural awareness, Synergist Corporate Solutions brings more value to the table, helping you achieve genuine efficiency and increased productivity for your outsourced operations as you grow your business.

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