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What We Do

What can you outsource? ​

Since 2009, we’ve provided the best virtual assistants and outsourcing solutions for enterprises in Australia, the US, the UK, and Vietnam.

Customer Service

We uphold the highest standard when it comes to customer service, be it through phone, email, or chat.

Virtual Assistance

We can also do any extra tasks for you! — from the management of projects, updating, and distributing of emails, organizing files or folders, conducting general research, to any task that we could assist you with.


We pay attention to details and mold them into a bigger process. We provide you with staff that mastered the art of upselling and cross-selling to increase your order value in every customer interaction.


Our firm has the best number-crunchers. They are highly organized and detail-oriented. Their quality output gives you a better understanding of how your business finances are going.


From recruiting teachers to training them, getting them accustomed to the job, and monitoring their efficiency and performance.

Graphic Design

Promoting online will assure you the best image for your brand. Expanding your social networks online platforms could reach a much bigger network of following.


Our team of highly-trained telemarketers is able to talk to your potential customers on the phone, selling products, or soliciting donations, and they’re not just talking but connecting to people on a deeper level, building that incomparable first impression.

Back-office Support

Syncorp has a roster of multi-skilled personnel who understands the importance of having a well-oiled machine, and they will treat your business with so much care and pride that you won’t worry if there’s any lose cog in the wheel.

Answering Service

When departments in your business are flooded with incoming calls and customer inquiries, our spirited and highly-efficient manpower gives your local staff a breathing space to focus on their strengths, giving us the honor to deal with the menial tasks.

Real Estate

We stand by our claim that we are the best virtual assistants company as our output-driven Real Estate professionals will deliver the results.

Healthcare and Wellness

We’ll take the load off your domestic office by giving you staff that can deliver world-class customer service and non-clinical services despite it being remote.

Social Media Management

If you’re looking for an innovative business ally that can run your content and social media marketing campaigns, look no further as we have second-to-none workmanship when it comes to pushing your brand to greater heights and widespread recognition.

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Our Seamless Approach

Starting your global office extension in the Philippines will:

Save up to 78% of your total domestic operations cost.

Ramp up and scale your business quickly.

Have managers, leaders, and coaches that are not on your payroll.

Assure you of no downtime. Power generator, backup internet, and someone to cover for your staff in case they get sick, it’s like hiring two for the price of one.

Help you achieve work-life balance. Free your schedule so that you have time for what matters most.

Take away tasks you hate doing, so you can do more of the things you love.

​Rid you of building rental, insurance, facilities, and admin staff.

Get you the best virtual assistants company that has health insurance coverage at no additional cost to you!

Forge a happy staff that is guaranteed to be productive! Our facility is custom-made to include a gym, employee nook, pantry, lounge, and an Employee Delight Officer to keep them fully engaged!

email: info@synergistcorporatesolutions.com
Corporate HQ phone:+1 646 583 2552
Location: Nuñez Street, Barangay San Isidro, General Santos City 9500, Philippines

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