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Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. The Philippines is one of the most competitive countries when it comes to providing outsourced services. Over 1.3 million Filipinos are employed by various outsourcing companies in the Philippines. This is an indication that off-shore staffing works not only for large enterprises but also for small and medium ones. If you’re wondering why this is the case, here are the top 10 benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines.


Picture this – you are trying to scale up the value of your product/service while keeping your operations costs down. How do you do that? Well, the answer is outsourcing. When you outsource your business to the Philippines, you save 60-80% off your operational costs. How? The labor cost in the Philippines is half of that in the US or UK. You can also save on other tertiary costs such as office space, legal and HR costs, taxes, equipment, etc.

Access to Highly-Skilled Professionals

As mentioned earlier, the Philippines is one of the most competitive countries in the BPO industry, contributing almost $30 billion to the nation’s economy. Outsourcing companies in the Philippines invest in their employees and provide professional training to hone their skills in various areas such as customer service, virtual assistance, and more. This way, employees can perform based on their clients’ standards. If you’re looking for highly skilled professionals for your off-shore staffing needs, consider hiring Filipino BPO workers.

24/7 Virtual Staffing

This is probably one of the most incredible benefits of outsourcing in the Philippines. Having a virtual staff who can work on those tedious tasks saves you both time and money. While outsourcing your business to the Philippines does not replace your in-house employees, it does give you and your team extra time to do other important things both at work and in life.

Language Neutrality

Did you know? The Philippines is the 2nd most proficient country when it comes to English. In fact, English is considered to be an official second language in the country. Filipinos who work in the BPO industry are more fluent and articulate in speaking English. They have an accent that is similar to that in the US. This neutral accent works well for a variety of voice-based services, such as virtual staffing and call centers. When you outsource Filipino employees, you never have to worry about language barriers because Filipinos are excellent English speakers and communicators.

Tech-Driven Work

Although the Philippines is a 3rd world country, it is also significantly competitive when it comes to tech-based projects. Many outsourcing companies throughout the nation make use of today’s technology to encourage fast-paced, productive work. Filipino BPO workers are also trained to be highly proficient in tech-driven office tools which is crucial for any outsourced task, whether it’s customer service, bookkeeping, IT, software development, social media management, and more.

Supported by the Philippine Government

The Philippine government has a significant contribution to the growth of the country’s BPO industry. Government-funded colleges and universities now offer BPO-related courses and curriculums for interested students. This serves as start-up training for students where they gain sufficient knowledge on how to become competitive individuals in the BPO industry. Students who have successfully finished their studies are given a certification that makes them credible to work as professional outsourced employees.

Filipinos Deliver High-Quality Service

Exceptional results are the fruit of excellent training and work experience. When it comes to performance efficiency, Filipinos are guaranteed to deliver services of the highest quality. Hiring outsourced Filipino workers is similar to hiring the best individual in-house minus the extra onboarding costs. Many businesses around the world would not outsource to the Philippines if Filipinos aren’t professionally competitive. This is an indication that the Philippines is an excellent choice when you plan to outsource your business.

Unique Cultural Background

The Philippines has a unique cultural background. It has a healthy mix of Southeast Asian and Western Influences. Because the country was formerly colonized by 2 Western countries (Spain & USA), Filipinos have a slight familiarity with Western cultures which is a plus when you plan to outsource to the Philippines. This may be a minor factor, but this cultural familiarity is an advantage not only for Filipino BPO workers but also for you as a business owner looking for an off-shore staff.

Exceptional Work Ethic

Filipinos are not only professionally trained to become skilled workers but they are also dedicated to doing their jobs excellently. Companies across the country ensure that their employees are performing to the highest standards. The growth and success of the BPO industry in the Philippines are a result of having highly-skilled professionals who have exceptional work ethics.

Genuine Work-Life Balance

As a business owner, you do your best to not only run a business but also to grow it. Sometimes, running a business can take much of your time. That is where outsourcing comes into play. As mentioned earlier, outsourcing your business gives you extra time for more important things at work and in life. Outsourcing promotes a genuine work-life balance not only for you but also for the outsourced individuals you hire to do those tedious tasks. In other words, outsourcing is a win-win situation on both ends.

A great way to save time and money as a business owner is to outsource. Choose the right people to outsource your business by looking at their track records and qualifications. The Philippines has a lot to offer when it comes to off-shore staffing. May it be that these 10 benefits will help you get started outsourcing your business to the Philippines.

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