Synergist Corporate Solutions or SynCorp is a homegrown global office in the Philippines that provides virtual staffing to companies in Australia, the United States, the UK, and all over the world.

We synergize with companies and clients we work with, believing that a joint and coordinated effort is far greater than the sum of all parts.

Why hire the SynCorp Graphic Design Team?


No More Recruiting Troubles!

You’ll enjoy the best manpower that we had filtered through our highly-discerning, multi-channel hiring process. We only pick those with years of professional experience, solid educational credentials, and has limitless creative juices in them.


Seeking Real Professionalism?

The graphic artists whom you hire through SynCorp are task and goal-oriented.


We have the people you’re looking for!

Our VAs are communicative with superb work ethics. We never miss deadlines.

Offshore or Near-shore?

Distance or location is NOT a hindrance to quality service. Even if we’re offshore, it will never feel like it.


Our corporate headquarters can be easily reached through phone, email, or chat. We believe in the power of regular communication and collaboration with our partners. We listen and act.


Being in two different geographical locations protects your business from service interruption due to civic/societal unrest, disasters, and the like. GO OFFSHORE!


According to the 2020 research published by GSA UK, companies are in search of outsourcing partners that can deliver quality. We understand this fact even before the study was released. We always see to it that you witness and feel the value of an investment in our people.

The Benefits

Save time

We’ll do repetitive tasks for your company, so that you’ll regain better control of your business. With us covering your back, you’ll definitely have the time in the world to deal with those out-of-the-ordinary business responsibilities that call for your full attention.

Save from unnecessary worries

You’ll have less things to be anxious about since we’ll off-load those tasks that create bottlenecks for your business.

Save money

Savings may reach up to 80%. No need to pay for 401ks and medical/dental. We’ll provide that to the staff.

Save your brand from shame

We always make sure that your company delivers the right message, at the right time, for the right people. Your reputation is important to us.

We truly believe in adding value first!


The package includes account managers, team leaders, subject-matter experts, trainers, administrative support staff who are not on your payroll, but will be equally responsible in molding the agents to perform to the tasks, and adapt to your business as it grows with time.


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