Synergist Corporate Solutions or SynCorp is a homegrown global office in the Philippines that provides virtual staffing to companies in Australia, the United States, the UK, and all over the world.

We synergize with companies and clients we work with, believing that a joint and coordinated effort is far greater than the sum of all parts.

Why hire the SynCorp Education Squad?

We are your RADAR!

What sets SynCorp unique from other corporate solutions or outsourcing companies is that our leaders are abreast with the current developments in the industry that we service, and we keep a watch for future trends so that we can work with your organization in confronting pain points. We are focused on data-informed decision-making!

For example, the publication released by Brookings, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC, dated January 24, 2022, titled: “Global education trends and research to follow in 2022”, has some enlightening perspectives on education, the second year of the pandemic.

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a senior fellow from Brookings and hails from the Global Economy and Development, Center for Universal Education; and belongs to the Psychology Department of Temple University, refers to the organization’s past report titled, “A new path for education reform”. She re-echoes that the social and work environments that future students need to confront are going to be denser with automation, AI, whereby “manufacturing jobs and even preliminary medical diagnoses or legal contracts” can be put together by computers and robotic systems. She cites that the trend of developing a holistic child is growing among many nations. The particular skills that will keep learners/graduates from being relevant are their acuity in communication, critical thinking, and creative innovation.

In addition, Beth King, a nonresident Senior Fellow of Brookings and also from the Global Economy and Development, Center for Universal Education, points to the challenge of meeting learners’ needs amidst public health crises and natural disasters. She recommends that school systems must have “education-saving solutions… built into their structures, staffing, budgets, and [the] curricula.”


Few Gimmicks, More Client Success!



The package includes account managers, team leaders, subject-matter experts, trainers, administrative support staff who are not on your payroll but will be equally responsible for molding and guiding the teachers to lecture at their optimal best.

Ramp up and scale your business quickly.

Have managers, leaders, and coaches that are not on your payroll.

Assure you of no downtime. Power generator, backup internet, and someone to cover for your staff in case they get sick, it’s like hiring two for the price of one.

Help you achieve work-life balance. Free your schedule so that you have time for what matters most.

Take away tasks you hate doing, so you can do more of the things you love.

Get you the best virtual assistants company that has health insurance coverage at no additional cost to you!

​Rid you of building rental, insurance, facilities, and admin staff.

Forge a happy staff that is guaranteed to be productive! Our facility is custom-made to include a gym, employee nook, pantry, lounge, and an Employee Delight Officer to keep them fully engaged!

We truly believe in adding value first, start a 3-day free virtual assistant service!


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