Virtual Phone Assistants

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Syncorp's Answering Service

Our answering service will assure you of Quick Response Time, Efficient Data Entry & Documentation, Call Overflow Handling, and a Warm & Friendly Answering Service.


Ever been in a situation where your frontline phone representatives are overwhelmed with the sudden downpour of calls, and no matter how fast they attend to them, they just can’t keep up?

Here at Syncorp, our team of well-trained, bubbly, and efficient answering service will make sure that your old and new visitors remain engaged and assured that someone from the right department will get back to them in record time.


Appointment-setting, Data-entry & Recording, Customer Relationship Management, and Collaboration & Teamwork are second-nature to us!

Michael LeBoeuf, business author and former management professor at the University of New Orleans, said, “A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all.”


We believe in his wisdom. No matter if it’s just a simple transaction of getting a visitor’s callback number, or setting up their appointment, we never drop the ball on every customer contact for even in those trifles, the strength of an e-commerce site is measured. With us, your reputation and patrons are king!

Our virtual phone assistants are detail-oriented and goal-oriented to meet the call-of-duty that you assign to them. If you want feedback on what your audience is clamoring for, our band of data-driven evidence-based professionals can create reports to help you make the right business response.

If you need more support for your organization, our business provides far greater than an answering service. Why not add troops from our Customer and Sales Unit, Bookkeeping/Accounting, Live-chat/email squad, and Social Media Managers.

SynCorp is a one-stop-shop to get the best virtual phone assistants with the right work attitude and hardcore technical skills.

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